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UKTV STB Buy Back Program

Turn Your UKTV Box Into CASH

Sell us your old UKTV STB Box for CASH! Only Available to USA Customers currently.

Download the PDF, print it and fill it out. Go to the United States Post Office and they will provide a Priority Small Rate Box, add the UKTV STB box, AC Power Supply, Remote and the PDF Form you printed. Then Ship! Then receive your check.

*Condition must be in working order. Any parts missing there will be deductions


  1. Print PDF and Fill-out
  2. Pack up UKTV STB Box, AC Power Supply, Remote and Filled out PDF in Priority Box (Provided by USPS)
  3. Ship Box at USPS office (Some USPS offices have automated 24/7 kiosks)
  4. Collect Money once we Receive