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Red: Syetem currently down. We are working on getting it back up and running, Please be patient. No need to Email! Yellow: Specific system issue. Please hold we are working on it. No need to Email! Green: Currently running with no issues. If you are having issues please view the troubleshoot section below.

DECEMBER 3 2019 

Attention viewers in North America and the Caribbean experiencing freezing. There is a major internet outage happening right now on the East coast of the USA. This is nothing to do with our service it is affecting everyone. We are attempting to reroute you around it but if you still continue to have problems in a few minutes then please log on to our support page and reroute your box yourself. Avoid our servers on the East Coast. Reroute page is here –


We are sorry that you are having trouble with your UKTV service. Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Please select the problem you have from the pull down menu below. If your problem is not listed, or your issue is not solved, then select “Other/My problem isn’t solved” and fill in the form that appears. We will get back to you shortly.


All tech support is done through this forum and email. There is no telephone tech support available.


Please DO NOT repeatedly reboot your box. You will break your box if you do this. Multiple power cycling is extremely bad for the set top box and will never fix streaming problems. Repeatedly rebooting your box will not fix freezing.


Please check carefully to make sure your question is not addressed already in our list as we will only respond to questions that have not already been addressed in this forum.


Tech support forms will be responded to Monday – Friday 9am – 9pm US Eastern Time. If you do not get a reply outside of those times, please do not send multiple complaints. Sometimes we respond on weekends but tech support is not guaranteed.




UKTVEverywhere warrants our set top box products to be free from defects  for a period of one (1) year for the original purchase date. (180 days for refurbished boxes.) UKTVEverywhere agrees, at its option during the warranty period, to repair or to furnish a new or refurbished product of equal value in exchange without charge. Return shipping costs are to be paid for by the customer. We will pay for shipping of the replacement box back to you. Defective boxes must be send to us first for repair. We do not cross ship or advance ship replacement  boxes.  Defects caused by power surges are not covered under this warranty. Opening the unit voids this warranty.


Select Your Problem Below

Please select the problem you are experiencing from the pull down menu. The solution to the problem you are having will appear below. Please do not press the submit button unless you are filling out the other/my problem isn’t solved form.


99% of complaints are due to buffering/freezing. If you are having this problem please click on the link directly below this message headed

My Picture is Freezing/Buffering

We have a full comprehensive freezing fix guide. If you follow this guide it will solve your problem. Make sure you follow ALL of the suggestions including the self reroute form at the bottom.

If you are experiencing freezing Please DO NOT select “other” at the bottom of this page and then send a message stating that your box is freezing. These submissions will not be responded to.



My Picture is Freezing/Buffering

Freezing is never a problem with our service or your set top box and always a speed or routing issue with your Internet provider. Go to: Freezing/Buffering Issue Submission for further information and help to work around this problem. Make sure you follow ALL of the suggested fixes INCLUDING the Self Reroute form at the bottom of the page.

How do I switch subtitles on and off?

Note : Subtitles only work on channels marked (S) or (Subtitles)

To switch on subtitles press the APP button on your remote.
To switch off subtitles simply change the channel.

If you want subtitles to come on automatically then follow these instructions :

Scroll over to SETTINGS, press OK

Select PLAYBACK, press OK

Change PRIMARY SUBTITLE LANGUAGE to ENGLISH (or to OFF to turn them off)

Arrow down to OK, highlight it and press OK

Scroll down to REBOOT DEVICE, press OK

Press OK to confirm

Sound is out of Sync with Video
If the channels audio is out of sync, please reload the channel. If the audio is still out of sync, please enter the channel name and number that is out of sync and we will fix it.



BBC4 has a recurring audio sync problem. This is an issue with the feed and cannot be fixed.


My STB4W does not come back on after switching HDMI inputs.
To fix this issue, simply press MENU, scroll over to SETTINGS, select VIDEO and change HDMI events to IGNORE. Then save and reboot.
Page Loading Error / Network Connection Error / Link Status DOWN
Page loading error/ Network connection error means your box is not connected to your network or your internet is down. Check to make sure your internet is working. If your box is connected with an Ethernet cable, make sure both ends are securely plugged in. If you are connecting through WIFI, make sure the WIFI dongle is plugged in. If it is then re set up your wifi settings. Passwords are CASE SENSITIVE! There are two different version of the WIFI setup instructions based on which version of the firmware your box has. Download them both and follow the instructions that work for your box. Click the link below to download WIFI setup instructions. In many cases unplugging your router/modem, waiting 5 minutes, plugging it back in, waiting 5 minutes then rebooting your UKTV box will solve these connections issues. Page loading error / Network connection error issues are a problem with your home network and are beyond the scope of our technical support since they involve the setup in your home, your router, your modem and your internet service.

Older model UKTV boxes with external WiFi dongles can have connection problems if the WiFi stick goes bad. This happens more often with the white Dlink dongle. If the dongle is very hot and the orange light is either solid or not lit then the dongle is bad and you will need to replace it to restore connection.

No WiFi Networks Displayed in Search Box
If No WiFi networks are displayed, then you do not have the WiFi dongle plugged into your box. If the dongle is plugged in and you are still not displaying any networks then the dongle may be defective. Please select “other/my issue isn’t resolved” and contact UKTV to get a replacement dongle. Your dongle has a 1 year warranty. If it beyond the warranty period then you can buy a new one off the order page on our website.
Your Service is Deactivated
This box has no active subscription You do not have an active subscription. If you are hooking your box up for the first time then you will need to buy a subscription for your box. Please click on the subscribe/activate link on our website and follow the instructions to buy a subscription. If you are already a subscriber and you are seeing this message, then this means your subscription has expired or your box has been shut off due to a payment issue. Please set up a new subscription. Please DO NOT try to login, Please set up a new subscription as if you are a new customer.
No Blue Light or white light on Front of Box
Check the power supply is plugged into your box. If you are using a foreign adapter, make sure it is securely connected. If it is, then the box may have a fault. Please select “other/my issue isn’t resolved” and contact UKTV to arrange a warranty replacement. If your warranty has expired then you can buy a new box off the order page on our website.
Authentication Problem
A simple reboot of the box should fix this error. Pull the power cord out, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in.
Mode Not Supported / No Picture to Boot / Invalid Format
Mode not supported appears when your UKTV box is set to an incorrect resolution. Please follow the instructions below. First make sure your box has a blue light on the front. Then follow the steps below. 1. Unplug power from box. 2. While holding down the MENU button on the remote (3 dots and 3 lines to the left of OK on some remotes), plug the box back in. (Timing is crucial on this step – if you don’t press the MENU button straight away after plugging in, it won’t work) 3. Hold the MENU button down for 5 seconds after plugging in. If you are still seeing nothing then go to step 4, if a menu appears, go to step 5 4.Press the red F1 button on the remote. You may have to press it twice, until a blue screen appears with a menu on it. 5. If the menu says TV TYPE at the top then skip to step 6, if it says UPGRADE MENU, then press the right arrow on the remote and wait for the next menu to appear. If it says mode not supported again, press F1 again. 6. Using the up, down, left, right arrows on the remote, press the right arrow button until TV type is set to 720p-60 7. Arrow down to Graphic res, press the right arrow button until it is set into 1280×720 8. Arrow down to Exit and Save, press the right arrow button to save and then press OK to confirm. The box will reboot into the correct resolution.
No Sound
Check the volume control is turned up on the UKTV box. Check the volume control on the TV. Reboot your box, sometimes you may need to do this a few times. If both volumes are turned up follow the instructions below to check the box settings are correct. Press MENU on the UKTV remote Go to SETTINGS Go to VIDEO Make sure that Auto frame rate is DISABLED Make sure that Force DVI is set to OFF Change the settings to those if they are different. Then select OK and REBOOT your box.
A Channel is Pixelating
Pixelation occurs when the original transmission has a problem itself. We have no control over that, since it comes directly through the satellite from the broadcaster. Audio out of sync issues are monitored by us already and any sync issues will be fixed on a channel by channel basis when we can get to it. In most instances, audio sync can be fixed by reloading the channel.
Yellow Loading Bar is Stuck
Your UKTV box and the router are too far apart or your internet is not fast enough to support our service. Move the UKTV box and the router closer together. The box and router cannot be more than 30-40 feet apart. They do not work well if the UKTV box and the router are on different floors of the house. Thick concrete walls also can mess with the WiFi signal. We highly recommend you connect your box up to your router with an Ethernet cable if possible. If it is not possible then you should purchase some Power-line adapters.
Cannot Record to USB Stick
Check to make sure the USB stick is not full. You cannot select future programs to record to the USB stick, you can only download previously aired programs that have been recorded by us already. USB sticks MUST be formatted in FAT32
Sorry this Program Did Not Record
You will get this error if you set your box to record a program to the USB stick and then try to play the recording back from the TV guide. You must watch recordings set to record to the USB stick by going into the Media Browser and watching the recordings from there.

In rare instances, if there is a system problem, a program may not record. These programs cannot be restored.

You are Not Subscribed to this Channel
This means the channel package you are paying for does not have this channel in it. You can see the channels that are included in your package by going to our website and clicking on the different channel packages. In the past we have included some channels at no charge that are not part of your package but made them available to you for a limited time only while we were setting up new packages. You can easily add channels packages, upgrade or downgrade your package or add bolt on packages by clicking below.
What is the Best Way to Select Previously Aired Programs?
From the TV guide screen (listing the channels) Simply highlight the channel you want to watch recordings from and press the RIGHT ARROW. Then press the left arrow, select the date of the program and press OK, then press the right arrow,select the program you want to watch, press OK and it will play. If you keep scrolling up off the screen the previous weeks programming will appear. When you are done watching recordings, press the EXIT or HOME button to exit the recording. REMEMBER – ONLY CHANNELS WITH CLOCK ICONS NEXT TO THE CHANNEL NAME AUTO RECORD.
How Do I Upgrade/Downgrade my Subscription
If you want to change your subscription package, please email us at
Other/My problem isn't listed here - For bufferring/freezing issues please click the "My picture is freezing/buffering" tab at the top of this page. DO NOT CLICK HERE IF YOUR ISSUE IS TO DO WITH FREEZING Freezing complaints sent from this form will not be responded to.

Please go to on your computer and tell us the download speed of your internet connection.

If you have a photo of your screen or a video of your TV you would like to send us, please upload it here.

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